FastK9's Greyhound Adoption, Inc.
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Webster, TX 77598
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FastK9's Greyhound Adoption, Inc.

Retired Racing Greyhounds make great pets. They are quiet and loving companions that live to be 12-14 years old. At retirement they can be anywhere from 2-5 years old leaving many years to be a family member. Breed characteristics include a sweet and gentle disposition, little to no barking, and low maintenance due to their short coat and relatively low shedding. Reno They sleep most of the time and are not hyper at all, hence the nickname "40 MPH Couch Potatoes". Retired racing greyhounds are indoor pets and must not be let off leash outside a fenced area. If you are considering sharing your life with a former working dog that takes it's retirement seriously, feel free to contact us for more information.

Who We Are:

FastK9's Greyhound Adoption Inc is a local, non-profit, 501(c)(3) exempt organization that works to find homes for greyhounds that are awaiting placement at Houston area greyhound farms. We are proud to work closely with breeders, trainers and owners who hold their retirees at their own expense until placed in homes. We believe such responsible individuals are often overlooked in the greyhound adoption Badger community and we are determined to provide some assistance in placing these much loved greyhounds into homes as pets.

Adopting a friend

Dentals, alterations, HW testing and necessary vaccinations will be provided to our Retired Racers prior to adoption. The FastK9's Greyhound Adoption fee is $400.00.